The Standard for Optimal Mediation Results

Successful strategies for interest-based mediation require a clear and systematic process. Ms. Kern-Rappy has developed — and trademarked — such a step-based, transparent and methodological approach entitled R.A.I.S.E.™

RAISE creates a change in thinking from litigation to mediation, facilitating a calm and supportive platform in the midst of high conflict

Research, Recognize, Rapport

Active Listening, Acknowledge, Adapt

Insight, Investigate, Interest

Solutions and Strategies

Evolve Evaluate, Elevate, and End in Agreement

Ms. Kern-Rappy offers exceptional skill in case research as well as immaculate preparation, enabling clients to gather and consolidate the information pertinent to their arguments. Her empathic and impartial approach helps opposing parties recognize each other’s goals and interests and builds rapport by encouraging open dialogue and communication.

Evolving a dispute in a goal-oriented way keeps momentum strong while propelling all parties forward and focused on the future

Active listening is at the heart of a good mediator. Ms. Kern-Rappy is exceptionally skilled at nonjudgmental listening and helping parties to a dispute acknowledge opposing viewpoints. Her vast experience mediating thousands of cases has honed her ability to help parties to a conflict shift from an adversarial mindset while adapting to a more collaborative way of communication.

Identifying areas of agreement and disagreement and aligning common interests allows for greater insight into the issues to be resolved, and deeper investigation of the issues. Facilitating goal-driven dialogue enables the process to move forward with trust and optimism.

Keeping focused on the next steps, barriers to settlement are uncovered that enable more productive brainstorming of strategies and solutions.

Throughout the mediation process, even as work proceeds Ms. Kern-Rappy continues to evaluate whether mediation would be fruitful. While new issues may evolve, Ms. Kern-Rappy continues to elevate the discussions from adversarial to collaborative. Throughout the process — however long it takes — Ms. Kern-Rappy forges ahead with patience, creativity, and an unerring commitment to ending in agreement.